About Lindsay

Hi there! I’m Lindsay from the VeggieBalance food blog, author of Gluten-Free Party Food cookbook .

I’m a creative girl who used to be stuck in a formal world. Meaning, I kept trying to work at my 9-5 marketing job, yet found no real joy in what I was doing. I’m an AB type personality. I loveeee my organization, spreadsheets and lists, but something else was missing.


I started VeggieBalance.com initially as a way to document my love for food along with the trying times to gain my health back after numerous years in chronic pain and infections. 

VB morphed into something I never expected: My full-time job!

I was always a creative individual growing up–ballet, gymnastics, painting, clarinet (best instrument ever), along with a laundry list of other instruments throughout the years. After growing up and moving into the real world, that creativity was squashed.

Not on purpose, but it just seemed to be put in the background more and more as the years went by.

Food Photography is what brought that creativity back to the forefront.