Facebook Video vs. YouTube Video

The differences between Facebook Video and YouTube Video. How will you decide what platform will work best for you? We’ll help you out. 

Facebook Video vs. YouTube Video

Video, oh boy. I think it’s safe to say as bloggers we are finally understanding the importance of video. We are seeing it being a key component of staying relevant in the blogging world as time moves forward.

Without a doubt, video is the future and the sooner you get video involved with your blogging, the better off you’ll be.

Facebook Video: What Type of Videos That Do Well.

  1.  Quick 30-60 second video.
  2.  Overhead video shots with varied side angle shots to keep things changing.
  3. All mixing and prep work finished under 20 seconds, I’ve found does best to capture their attention further into the video.
  4. Facebook Video doesn’t not need a huge amount of detail in steps of the recipe, just the quick synopsis of it. (Keep in mind Facebook recipe watchers have a short attention span)
  5.  1:1 Square Video has proven to perform better as it takes more screen space up. I’ve personally have to agree with this. However, a traditional 16:9 Video can also end up doing well on Facebook.

YouTube Video: What Type of Videos That Do Well.

  1. Longer video, about 3+ minutes.
  2. Video that shows more detail, and actual step-by-step video. Think of a cooking show. Nothing is sped up, it’s like you are bringing them into your kitchen while you cook.
  3. They like step-by-step instructions, interaction, they are really there to see you. Get yourself in front of that camera.
  4. 16:9 Video format is what should only be on YouTube. Square 1:1 is not the place for YouTube.

It would be safe to say this: A Facebook Video format does not belong directly on a YouTube Channel and vice versa.

Both video types are very different formats and comes with their own pros and cons. Hope this helps with deciding if one or both platforms are for you! Or, to figure out what type of video to create for each platform at least.

If you need help with creating video content and getting you started with videos we can help with that as well.

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