Why do I need videos for my brand to grow?

Facebook has announced that video is a very big priority to them. Uploading video on Facebook can significantly increase your reach, which increases page likes and link clicks to your site. My personal blog experienced a 761% increase in just two months when introducing videos consistently.

How long will it take you to make my video once submitted??

The current turn around time is 7 days. Could be before that and if finished earlier I will get it sent to you before then.

Can you create recipes AND videos for us??

Yes, I most definitely can. If you have a idea what kind of recipe you would like (desserts, appetizers, main course, etc) we can discuss it and go from there.

I have a recipe that I want turned into a video. Will it do well?

Choosing recipes that have already proven to do well normally have the best results. Generally recipes that are easy or provokes a reader to comment will increase the chances of them sharing and increasing the engagement rate.

Why can’t I create my own videos?

You most definitely can! Many people simply do not have the time or resources to create the video. Let me help you and take care of that for you.

Do you just do video?

No. I also can help you in your food image needs or simply can edit your video footage.