Food Photography Tip: How to Get that Floating Spoon Shot

Food Photography Tip: How to Get That Floating Spoon Shot. Today’s tip is one I use for almost every photoshoot. There are only two simple home items you’ll need to capture this perfect and magical shot.

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Food Photography Tip: How to Get that Floating Spoon Shot

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How the heck AM I getting this shot? A secret you know about me by now: I know magic. // I wish.

So really, how am I getting these shots without it being blurred, without the food falling off the spoon?

Well, at one point I would tirelessly hold the spoon horizontal while shooting overhead. The problem is, no one’s arm is that steady. I’d have to take 50+ shots just to get a couple ones that weren’t blurry from the shaking arm. // Come on arm muscles, you are failing me.

Well, in today’s food photography tip, I’m sharing how to capture this shot above!

The Setup:

You will need two glass jars, preferably 8-10 inches high with a small mouth opening. Milk Jugs work perfectly with my spoons.

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You’ll want the spoon to be JUST the same if not bigger than the mouth opening of the jar. Carefully place the spoon onto your jar with the handle resting on the second milk jug.


You’ll have plenty of time to adjust your lighting, aperture, and shutter without tiring out your arm. (Thank goodness!)

TIP: You’ll want your aperture set rather low to gain this shot for a full bokeh background effect; mine was set for f/2.2.

TIP: White background works best for this technique as it requires zero Photoshop work. Dark backgrounds can work, but may require a little more work in editing the milk jug edges out just a tad.

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