Photography Food Bowls: Pump It Up! That Bowl That Is

Food Photography Tip: How to photograph food bowls.  Want to know how to have your bowl of delicious pasta overflowing and screaming, “Devour me”? Hint: You don’t need to make extra to fill the serving bowl. 

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Food Photography Tip: How-To Photograph Food Bowls

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There is a super duper little secret about the shot above . . .

There really isn’t that much pasta in there. It is one thing to make a party’s worth of pasta, but another to make enough pasta to feed a village.

If I were to fill this serving bowl with the amount needed to have it overflowing, it would be enough to feed a village. Or at least ensure that pasta is all I would eat for 2 weeks.

The tip: Find a smaller bowl to fit inside the serving bowl. 

Food Photography Tip- Pump Up Those Bowls-3

Slowly pour your prepared food into the set up and you can see the insane difference. It allows your food to be above the bowl rim and have a chance to shine.

The center of focus is the food, not the bowl.

Just check out the example below! Same amount of pasta (believe it or not, the after picture has LESS pasta in it).


It takes a little work to find what size you need the ‘fluff’ bowl to be. Just play around with it a bit and find that perfect fit.

This tip works awesome for chili, salads, or even ingredient shots like this colander of black beans.

Yes, there is a small bowl hiding under those little black beans.

Black Bean Brownies Healthy Flourless

It allows the ingredients to have a peak and center of focus, whereas without that little oomph the ingredients would be flat, having no point of focus.

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