The Importance of Garnish in Food Photography

Food Photography Tip: The Importance of Garnish in Food Photography. Garnishing dishes is so important to really allow the photo to pop. Just see the differences below garnishing vs. not garnishing. 

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Food Photography Tips 101: The Importance of Garnish!

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Garnishing your dishes to give them that wow factor seems like such a simple detail. It really is what can take a dish from blah to wow.

My personal favorite type of garnish is anything green! It brings another color into the photo and creates a deeper color profile of the shot.

Take the shot above. Without the added green onion the shot would consist of just the white background and brown beans. Adding that green allows that extra color to pop and up your shot to the next level.

I try to have green onion or cilantro on hand at all times just for this reason.

As you can see below the exact same shot WITHOUT the green onion has a extremely different feel and lacks that eye-capturing dominance we want.

There will be times though where your dish simply won’t allow ingredients like onion or cilantro.

Take ice cream or baked goods for example. In this case get creative with whatever ingredients are in the dish. For chocolate I like to take melted chocolate into a zipped plastic bag, with scissors snip a tiny corner off the bag to create that perfect thin drizzle! See Below for Example.

If it didn’t have that chocolate garnish the image would be very plain and lacking that ‘wow’ factor.

Food Photography Tips The Importance of Garnish!

The one thing you want to take away from todays tip is GARNISH, GARNISH, GARNISH! 

Start looking at your dishes and see how you can make them scream devour me! With a little bit of good lighting and a great lens you will be in business!

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